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How soon can you start painting?

Once the job is scheduled, you will be given a firm starting date. In most cases we can begin within one week. If it is necessary to get your home painted immediately, we can make special arrangements to paint it quickly or on the weekend.


How long will the painting take?

This will depend on the extent of preparation and painting needed for your home and the size of the crew doing the painting. The average crew size is two to three men, with a job foreman on the site at all times. Most homes should be finished within four days. Some homes can be finished in two days. Once we start, we stay until we finish. The only exception is if we are delayed by weather.


What should we do before the painters arrive?

If possible, please walk around your home before the painters arrive and remove any items that are against or near the house. This includes woodpiles, potted plants, lawn furniture, tools, etc. All plants, trees and flowers will be covered to protect them from paint. Some branches may need to be trimmed to provide access and prevent branches from scraping fresh paint.


Does someone have to be home during the painting?

Not necessarily, but we do require access to water and electricity. For interior painting, doors will need to be open during painting and left open for four hours afterwards while the paint dries. If you are unable to be home, please make arrangements for water and electricity to be available to our crew and leave the doors open, if necessary.


How thorough is the cleanup?

Cleanup is a very important part of our job. All materials used in the painting of your home will be removed. Paint scrapings and sanding dust will be vacuum from walkways, driveways, decks, etc. Any spills are immediately and thoroughly removed.


What kind of paint do you use?

We use many different brands of paint depending on the particular needs of your job. We pride ourselves on keeping up to date on all the latest products and product changes. We use brands such as Kelly-Moore, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.


Is the exterior painting guaranteed? How long will the paint last?

After we finish painting your home, please go over the job with the crew foreman. If any touch up is needed, he will take care of it at that time. Your new exterior paint job is fully guaranteed for four years. If you should have any problem at all, please call us.

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